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Privacy Policy

   East-West Logistics Co., Ltd.

In accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Por Sor 2562, Any secondary law and revised law on Personal Data Protection Act in future (PDPA).  East-West Logistics Company Co., Ltd (the Company) has issued this notice to describe how the Company will carry out your Personal Data and processing purpose, the storage period of Personal Data and your rights as the owner of Personal Data which will be described as follows:

1.The meanings related to the protection of Personal Data

A) “Personal Data” meaning the details or information which may identify the person both directly or indirectly such as name, surname, age, sex, address, telephone, date of birth, photos, etc…, including “sensitive information” of Personal Data – nationality, political opinion, religion, sexual behavior, criminal record, health, disabled record, genetic information, union information and bio data and any other data which reflect to the person as declared by law.

B) “Personal Data Controller” meaning the person who has authority and decide to compile, use or reveal the Personal Data.

2.The Company compilation of Personal Data

      1. Name, Surname or nick name or

      2. Personal ID, Passport number, Social security number, driving license number, Vat number, and personal bank account              number, or

      3. Address, Email, and telephone number, or

      4. Mobile information, IP address, MAC address, Cookie ID, or

      5. Biometric information, facial identity, finger prints, and sound identity or

      6. Property information such as car registration

      7. The information which can link to the above information such as:  Birth date and place, nationality, weight, height,                        location address, medical record, education record, financial status and employment record.

3.Storage channel of the Company

     1.The Personal Data which was given to the Company for future reference.

     2.The Personal Data which was given to the Company for application.

     3.The Personal Data which was automatically obtained by the Company through the use of IT equipment such as IP and MAC             addresses, Logfile (traffic computer), etc…

     4.The Personal Data which was obtained from pictures/sounds by CCTV, sound recorded from the voice communication                      through services or Company’s call center.

     5.The Personal Data which was given to the Company during the visit to the Company as “Visitor” and/or the services                           performed for the Company.

     6.The Personal Data may be obtained by the Company through outside sources such as some other private companies,                     telecommunication companies, internet service providers, other business partners, public information centers or

        government agencies.

4.The objectives of the Company in compiling Personal Data

1.For the Company to identify oneself for services or accept any complaint.

2.For the purpose of job application, selecting candidates, and interview and any activity related to the job application.

3.For controlling the passing in and out of the Company’s premise, for the Company’s security, the workers, employees and         the customers including the properties which are located in the premise.

5.The period of storing Personal Data

1.The Company will store the Personal Data as long as the employee is working with the Company even after the contract if the     service relationship with the Company is still existing.

 2.The period of storing Personal Data will change depending on the purpose of evaluation of Personal Data.  The Company will      retain the Personal Data as per the period provided by the law (if there is) base on the time limitation set by the law for trial          cases which may relates to the documents and Personal Data retained by the Company base on the corporate governance        for each Personal Data.

 3.After completing the above mention data storage period, the Company will delete all data from the Company’s file record and      making the Personal Data untraceable unless there are exceptional cases which the Company can retain the Personal Data        as demanded by law.

6.Disclosure of Operations, practice and policy of Personal Data

     1.To reveal as per the law such as National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission Act, Cybercrime Act, and                    Public Company Limited Act.

     2.To reveal to business partners, service providers, or to an outside company which is authorized by the Company to deal with            Personal Data compilation for the Company in various related matters:  Employees’ physical health, insurance, delivery                    services, banks, hospital, social security services, etc……

7.Your own Rights of Personal Data

   1.Personal right to compile, use or reveal the Personal Data (The Company has full authority to consider your request of using            your rights on Personal Data by law).

   2.Right to reach the Personal Data.

   3.Right to amend the Personal Data.

   4.Right to delete of destroy the Personal Data.

   5.Right to suspend the use of Personal Data.

   6.Right to oppose to compile, to use or to reveal Personal Data.

   7.Right to revoke consent to compile, to use or to reveal Personal Data.

   8.Right to receive, deliver or transfer Personal Data.

   9.Right to complain in case the Company has not been acting according to the law of Personal Data Protection Act.

8.For Contact

In case of any query with regards to your rights and your Personal Data, please contact us and/or our Personal Data Controller at:

Personal Data Controller Officer


Tel:      02-712-0130 Ext. 621

Reference:    Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Por Sor 2562]


Dated 21 August 2021

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